The Ontario College of Trades (OCT) has released its Code of Ethic, raising the standards and profile of the skilled trades in the province by further defining the professional obligations which are already applicable to all members and contained in the Professional Misconduct Regulation.

The code provides members with greater clarity on how to engage in the practice of their trades in the most professional way possible. It is an essential part of the OCT’s ability to self-regulate and is compulsory for all members.

The code signals to the public that members are accountable and that there is a process in place to handle any complaints. It is enforceable by the OCT which means if a member contravenes the code, it could constitute professional misconduct and impact the ability to practise their trade. The code is another way to fulfi ll the OCT’s legislated duty to serve and protect the public interest as the provincial regulator of the skilled trades.

For more information, click on the following links: Guide to the Code of Ethics for Members, Code of Ethics FAQs, OCT Code of Ethics.